Prior to Journecology, I attended Imperial College London until I finished my MRes in Tropical Forest Ecology. After which I worked for LATAM airlines producing content for one of their marketing campaigns in South America.

Since then, I have started a day job in Bristol UK, working for ecancer, an oncology education channel and medical journal. If I'm not using my spare time to work on Journecology, I'll probably be painting, singing (badly) or cooking vegan food.

Feel free to follow me on any social account, however I'm most active on Twitter, or through the Journecology social channels. 

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My interests are focussed at the intersection of science and creativity, nature and media. If I'm not out with the camera, I'll be in the edit with a cup of coffee - be that photo or video.


My idea for Journecology sprung from a frustration during my MRes course where I was lucky enough to be based in Borneo for 6 months; the environment was incredible, the research was incredible, yet most of it was being converted into text on paper - tucked away from curious minds. So much academic research seems to self-circulate within the scientific community, and I want to bring that work to life, be in in photo, or on the big screen. 

Journecology began as an outlet for this, and to channel my love for travel into something useful, that will hopefully inspire others, share conservation stories, and also be engaging to absorb.

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