My trajectory has always been research; whether handling hominin specimens, scanning fossil vertebrates, researching dolphin cognition or sequencing malarial resistance genes. Yet despite the joy of trawling through hundreds of academic papers and drinking copious amounts of coffee, I have forged another path which allows me to use my research skills in a way that is engaging and accessible.

Over the last year I have spent time as a freelance writer, photographer and videographer, travelling the globe producing content for various sustainable travel organisations, ecological initiatives and academic institutions.

In the summer of 2017 I co-produced, -filmed and -wrote my first documentary ‘SERERE’ which explores the biodiversity of the Serere Reserve in the Madidi National Park, Bolivia. SERERE has subsequently been shortlisted for the Sondrio International Film Festival, Green Earth Film Festival, Ekotopfilm Envirofilm Festival and Japanese Wildlife Film Festival. I am currently based in Bristol creating wildlife content for Bristol Zoological Society.

Since pursuing media, my work has been featured by Lonely Planet, BBC Earth, Contiki and over 300 different news outlets including ITV News, The Independent and BBC.

I started Journecology with my partner and colleague Matt in the early months of 2017 as a platform to share and discuss matters at heart. So far, we have captured aerial footage of the elusive Chinese White Dolphin, gone undercover to film Shark Fin suppliers and traipsed across the diverse South American continent in search of some incredible scenery.

Aside from these endeavours, I enjoy eating vegan food, doing some art, and living out of a backpack. If you want to know more you can find me on most social media sites.

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